Unlock the secrets of Weight Loss & a Healthy Lifestyle

by Clinical Nutritionist


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18th May, 2024

7 pm - 9 pm

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What you have in this Webinar?

  • Direct Guidance from the Karnataka's best Award Winning Clinical Nutritionist Pooja Ganesh
  • Clear knowledge of Weight Loss and Body Conditions
  • Difference between Weight Loss & Fat Loss
  • Tips on maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Busy Schedule
  • Understand the mistakes you're making in your weight loss journey.
  • Do's & Don't's in Weight Loss Journey
  • Followed by Q & A Session

Why attend this Webinar?

  • You're a busy professional with a packed schedule and little time for the gym.
  • Working Men & Women with irregular shifts.
  • You're fed up with calorie counting.
  • You're looking for a complete body transformation and a fitness routine that's sustainable in the long run.
Transformed 6000+ People



Get trained by the

Award Winning Clinical Nutritionist Pooja Ganesh

Meet our award-winning Clinical Nutritionist, renowned for transforming over 6000 lives with her holistic approach to nutrition. Specializing in weight loss, PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Infertility, Pregnancy, and more, she has earned accolades as the Best Nutritionist of the year in Karnataka, receiving the prestigious Indian Icon Award 2023. With a passion for helping others achieve their health goals, she combines her expertise with personalized care to empower individuals on their journey to optimal health. Join the thousands who have already experienced life-changing results under her guidance.